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Blue Freesia Dress Mirror 1000 x 600mm

“There are always Flowers for those

who want to see them”

Henri Matisse 

Introducing our range of statement Floral mirrors from our Florio Colour collection . . .

The symbolism of Flower colour is steeped in tradition and one of many factors that makes nature so beautiful do you know what each colour means and is good to represent? We feel we have designed collections that can express the most perfect message and add extra meaning to the images reflected in your commission and/or gift, so every flower colour from a deep red to a bright yellow offers a rich and meaningful story.


Popular with Interior designers as a room feature, or as a special gift for a anniversary, birthday or event, our full range of beautiful stained glass mirrors and panels are handmade to order. Whether you want a unique decorative mirror, glass panel for a door, ceiling, wall divide or sign, we can help with all your requirements!  

We work from our studio in Lancashire handmaking to order from our floral collections, and/ or bespoke commissions of any design for both private and commercial settings.  



The soothing blue hues that many Flowers possess are said to symbolise tranquilly and peace - ultimately, this colour is known to spread feelings of relaxation in order to help people release any negative feelings or feelings of stress. Often given in friendship, the birth of a boy, wedding flowers or even your 4th wedding anniversary -hydrangeas. From iris to forget-me-nots, blue flowers are some of the most enchanting and beautiful blooms on the planet, our top blue plants & flowers in our collections to surround yourself with these calming feelings are: 

Anemone (Blue bright & pale)  


Columbine (Blue) 

Iris (Blue)  

Forget me nots (pale blue) 

Poppy; Asian (Blue)   

Hydrangea (Blue) 

Pansy (blue) 

Sweet Pea (pale blue) 


To place an order or if you have any questions regarding the Florio Colours Collection

please CLICK HERE and we will respond as soon as possible.

When you look into a Florio mirror or panel, you are surrounded by the sentiments, memories or messages you have chosen within its commission. The interaction of light and colour evokes many emotions and is used to great effect in our floral collections paired wonderfully with the options of size and framing. Creating an individual piece that provides a reflection not only of you and your surroundings, extending space and light, with a jewel like quality, but also capturing a personal reflection designed to last a lifetime and be timeless - passed down through generations.  

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