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Blue Iris Design & Mirror

“In joy and in sadness, flowers

are our constant friends.”



Introducing our range of statement floral mirrors from our Florio Sentiment collection . . .

Flowers can be an amazing way to say everything from “I love you” to “I value your friendship”, ‘Good luck’ and “Congratulations”. Florence Nightingale famously wrote ‘I shall never forget the rapture of fever patients over a bunch of bright coloured flowers’. Instinctively we know that flowers make us feel better and in recent years science has borne this out. Plants are hugely healing, studies have shown that people who look out over green spaces recover faster and research indicates that being surrounded by flowers reduces stress and improves mood.


Since Roman times gardens have been used as both practical and therapeutic spaces an idea carried on into mediaeval monasteries and then homes flowers are the perfect way to express your emotion when there are no words, floriography - is the art of flower symbolism, which varies depending on the type, colour and number of flowers given.


We feel we have designed collections that can express the most perfect message and add extra meaning to the images reflected in your commission be it a individual flower or group there's a design for practically every feeling and emotion you'd ever want to express.

We also offer a carefully selected range of personalised options on our handmade artwork. Our most popular being Gilding a decorative technique for applying a very thin coating of gold to a surface and is our way of further personalising your purchase with us by having ‘with love’ , your chosen  initial(s) or name; special date, or  symbol (there’s even been a cat!) gilded in 24K gold or platinum on to your piece makes it even more special.  

To place an order or if you have any questions regarding the Florio Sentiments Collection

please CLICK HERE and we will respond as soon as possible.

When you look into a Florio mirror or panel, you are surrounded by the sentiments, memories or messages you have chosen within its commission. The interaction of light and colour evokes many emotions and is used to great effect in our floral collections paired wonderfully with the options of size and framing. Creating an individual piece that provides a reflection not only of you and your surroundings, extending space and light, with a jewel like quality, but also capturing a personal reflection designed to last a lifetime and be timeless - passed down through generations.  

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