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"Keep your face to the sun and

you will never see the shadows."

Helen Keller 


Commission a beautiful hand made sign for your house, business or clients. Contact for bespoke sizes and to discuss any design requirements.  


You supply the words you would like on the sign. Made to your size and specification. The letters are created in lead and cast resin in the style of stained glass without the breakage. There are holes for mounting securely on any vertical surface using wall fixings or can be framed in steel with or without legs.  


Image shown - Housename ‘Vista’ meaning beautiful View and Road.  

A made to order commission developing a stylised image of gorse to represent the property including planting and location, with typography including house name & road to a customised size & colour. Designed as part of a landscape design project.  


Gorse- endearing affection, love hope, a kiss, protection, fertility, money, love in all seasons. 


Dependant on specifications to include content, placement (wall mounted or free standing) & scale.  


House Name Sign Commission- Gorse

To place an order or if you have any questions regarding the Florio Signs Collection

please CLICK HERE and we will respond as soon as possible.

When you look into a Florio mirror or panel, you are surrounded by the sentiments, memories or messages you have chosen within its commission. The interaction of light and colour evokes many emotions and is used to great effect in our floral collections paired wonderfully with the options of size and framing. Creating an individual piece that provides a reflection not only of you and your surroundings, extending space and light, with a jewel like quality, but also capturing a personal reflection designed to last a lifetime and be timeless - passed down through generations.  

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